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Which Events Qualify For General Aviation Injury Cases?

Get a detailed guide on which cases qualify for general aviation injuries.

“Flying is safer than driving!” How many times has someone told you that? Most people don’t realize how common it is to suffer an airline injury. Even though there are far fewer crashes, there are many ways that you can be injured while flying.

Most Common Causes of Airline Injuries

It only makes sense that there could be injuries in such a confined space with so many people. Even when everyone on the flight is trying hard to be careful, there are too many hazards for the area to be completely safe.


Turbulence is the number one cause of airline injury. Even experienced travelers and airline workers may be thrown around violently when the plane suddenly shakes or jolts. This is why it’s so important to trust the pilot when it comes to staying in your seat and fastening your seatbelt as requested.


One of the most common causes of accidents on planes is luggage. When not secured properly, luggage can fly through the cabin or fall on passengers. When left in the walkways, luggage becomes a hazard that people may trip over.

Serving Carts

The carts are heavy and full of small hazards. When unsecured, they can reach high speeds and cause serious injuries.

Airline Food

If not kept at the right temperature and handled properly, the inflight meals can cause passengers to fall ill. If attendants are not careful, passengers can suffer burns from hot beverages.

Improper Training

Without adequate first-aid training, flight attendants can make injuries worse through poor or even dangerous treatment.

Possible Inflight Injuries

Broken Bones

Falling or being hit by a projectile could cause broken bones, leading to a long recovery. It may even be difficult for you to go back to your normal life of working and caring for your family.

Soft Tissue Injury

Even though you can’t see a soft tissue injury, these injuries to muscles and tendons may need extensive medical care and might never heal completely. Some soft injuries lead to lifelong problems.


You may receive a burn from a scalding hot beverage or a fire on the plane. Because of the materials used to manufacture planes, some fires can be intensely hot. Burn scars may last forever.

More Serious Injuries

An inflight injury could involve spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, or even death.

Airlines Are Common Carriers

When you are in an auto accident, there is usually at least one party who was negligent. Normally, this means that the person wasn’t careful enough or violated a safety-related law. When it comes to flying, you have less to prove.

Airlines are common carriers, which means that they earn money by transporting passengers. Because of that relationship, they are responsible for creating a safe environment. Your burden of proof in an aviation injury case is lower, meaning that you won’t need to prove as many facts about the incident.

Call and Speak to Us Today

If you are injured on a flight, your first impulse may be to remain quiet and stay out of the way. Flying can be chaotic, and your priority will be protecting yourself. Unfortunately, trying to downplay your situation will just mean a delay in getting help.

Tell one of the flight attendants right away if you have a problem. Prompt treatment can help prevent further injury. It will also make sure that there is a record showing that an injury occurred on the flight, in case the airline tries to claim otherwise.

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